About Us

Do you hate dressing like a carbon cut-out of all your friends and neighbors. Yes, I shop at the same stores as most people, but I have my own style and a personality that loathes looking like I'm wearing the Virginia Beach uniform (which would probably be something from Old Navy).  If you're like me, you unprofessionally design your own clothing and have many designs swirling around your head that never come to fruition.

Beach City Customs is your chance to step outside of the mold and design your own t-shirt. Whatever design, idea or concept you may have, our staff  will make it happen for you. You can sift through hundreds of pictures and font designs to create your own perfect t-shirt. 

A white tee with a basic one side design will cost you around $20 --about the same as you will pay for that Hollister shirt that everyone already has. To help your creative juices flow freely, Beach City Customs has thousands of graphics and fonts to choose from. You design it and we make it! Perfect!

Our new location is 1220 Baker rd unit 102, Virginia Beach 23455 with my good friends RIM KING LLC. If you have any questions or need to place an order call or text me at 757.672.5353. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram @beachcitycustoms ‪#‎beachcitycustoms‬ ‪#‎shirtshop.